Good Night

I'm sorry to stop posting here because I cannot find time to go out and take photos at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who has visited and commented. It was really nice to be part of the Daily Photo group.

If you are from Bursa and would like to take over the blog send an email. The address is in the profile.



We went to Mudanya and some children were having fun throwing stones into the water. Otherwise it was very calm and clear.



Late Valentine's day greetings!


Road to Uludag

Peeping out of the window on the way to Uludag. The sun was still shining at this point!


Over the rooftops

If the weather was clearer you would be able to see Uludag in the back of this picture.


Uludag in the clouds

We went to ski at Uludag this weekend and found some very foggy weather! The top of Uludag is around 2500 metres and it spent most of the weekend in the clouds! Maybe you can make out faintly some skiiers through the fog there in the back of the photo.


Mobile cafe

I've never seen such a big tea tray! The owner was taking tea around the market stallholders. He filled the glasses from a huge teapot in his other hand.