Cake, anyone?

These delicious looking cakes are for sale in the Kafkas shop. Kafkas is more famous for kestane şekeri (candied chestnuts), a Bursa speciality. But their cakes are not bad either. Here it is very common to take a cake like this when you are invited to someone's house for dinner.



They made an area for sitting inside the cinema at the Korupark shopping centre, but I have never seen anyone sitting in it. The empty chairs look a bit lonely.

it doesn't seem that after the movies someone is sitting there and discussing about them....


Silk Road International Film Festival

This weekend is the 'International silk road film' festival in Bursa. There will be screenings of films from different countries including Japan, Mexico, Bosnia, and even the USA :-)

I don't know if we will be able to go to any screenings because apparently it is difficult to get tickets, but we will be hanging around in the town to see if we can snap any celebrities!


Balibey Han

A new han in the town centre which has recently been restored. Inside there are some shops and cafes. Above on the hill behond you can see part of the original old city walls.


British style phone boxes

The famous red post box has made an appearance in Bursa as well. These are inside the Carrefour shopping centre on the Izmir road.


Ikea opens in Bursa

The new Ikea which just opened in Bursa. It was quite strange seeing it here.


Watermelon Slim

Another photo from last night's blues concert, this time of the imaginatively named Watermelon Slim.


Blues festival

John Lee Hooker Jr playing at the Efes Pilsen Blues festival in Bursa Suare (pronounced soirée!). Bursa is near enough to Istanbul to benefit sometimes from musicians who play in Istanbul and tag an extra night onto their tour. It means they usually play on schoool nights though, because Istanbul gets them at the weekend.


Autumn colours

Autumn colours are starting to show. This is one of many peach orchards on the fertile plains just outside Bursa.


We never milked a cow before

"This is the publicity campaign of a turkish telephone operator....they have a campaign for the children in Turkey...They chose last summer some children who were studying in the big cities and took them to the east part of Turkey ...gave them a chance to pass their summer vacation in the villages...Also for the ones who were living in the villages and got use to the village life had the chance to see the big cities...

so the photo of the pub had taken in one of those eastern villages..you can see the children with the cow ...they are going to drink their first milk DIRECTLY from the producer:)))  instead of buying from the city's big markets...

nice idea isn't it...."


Turkish style scaffolding

As we mentioned before there is so much building going on in Bursa at the moment. I don't know anything about how this scaffolding compares with the metal sort used in some other places, but I think it looks nicer.


Iznik medresa

"it is the peaceful part of one of the medresa in iznik(it is situated about 100km. to bursa,it was the capital of Byzantin Empire  1204-1261)..it is renovated of course..there are some doors inside ..these were once the classes for students who came here to study religion..nowadays they are shops selling pottery and you can have a nice cup of tea or coffee in front of the shops.."


Walls in the old city

This wall is on the edge of the covered bazaar complex, facing onto Cumhuriyet (Republic) street. It seems like there used to be more of it, possibly it was removed to make room for the street.



"relax during the daytime in front of this little cafe..the men on the right they are playing backgammon...nice game to pass time...in turkish it is called -tavla-...there are some shops around..probably the workers come to pass time and drink a fresh lemonade!!"


inside the market

"this is the decoration of the ceilings in the covered market...there are some shops selling special things for the wedding party...actually it is before the wedding...the groom's family should buy to the bride and her family some presents..so the shops in that part of the market are specialized for this reason..."


Entrance to Ulu Cami

"the second entrance of the big mosque(Ulu Camii)...you have to leave your shoes outside the mosque ...it is forbidden to walk with shoes inside ..there is a huge carpet on the floor...before everybody was leavng them outside,nowadays they are giving plastic bags to put the shoes in because they might be taken(stole) by somebody..."


Back soon

I snapped the postman's bike while he was off delivering letters. Looks like the postal service is modernising with these new scooters.


Underground fountain

"this historical fountain is very inside of the bazaar...the covered market in Bursa has got so many little roads inside..you walk through one of these and you can come to this old fountain made of marble...you can drink clean water from the mount of Uludag.."


Shoes for sale

"COME COME TO BUY THE CHEAPEST SHOESSSSSS:: the man was yelling...these are colourful summer shoes for women...the are selling them near the road...if somebody likes and wants to get one please send us a message we will ship you.....hahaha"


Devlet Tiyatrosu

"this is Bursa's main government theatre..they have given one of the famous turkish poet's name..the season has just opened.... "


Religious Books

"In the entrance of the bazaar near to the main Ulu Camii there are some religious book sellers...the ones on the top are Kur'an ..the other ones' are little prayers for daily life.."


Fried sweets

"these are fried sweets ...they are natural bombs for energy...it has a taste similar to churros (spanish sweet)...i think it is origin is coming from syria but i am not sure...it is very very sweet indeed...it can warm you up quickly in a cold winter day...yum yum.."


Egg shop

So many eggs for one little shop!