Good Night

I'm sorry to stop posting here because I cannot find time to go out and take photos at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who has visited and commented. It was really nice to be part of the Daily Photo group.

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We went to Mudanya and some children were having fun throwing stones into the water. Otherwise it was very calm and clear.



Late Valentine's day greetings!


Road to Uludag

Peeping out of the window on the way to Uludag. The sun was still shining at this point!


Over the rooftops

If the weather was clearer you would be able to see Uludag in the back of this picture.


Uludag in the clouds

We went to ski at Uludag this weekend and found some very foggy weather! The top of Uludag is around 2500 metres and it spent most of the weekend in the clouds! Maybe you can make out faintly some skiiers through the fog there in the back of the photo.


Mobile cafe

I've never seen such a big tea tray! The owner was taking tea around the market stallholders. He filled the glasses from a huge teapot in his other hand.


Candy Floss stand

Somehow I always thought candy floss was for the summer, but it seems I am wrong :)


Turkish pizza

Our local baker makes extremely tasty pide (Turkish pizza). Here they are waiting to go into the oven.


It's a cat's life

Bursa is full of cats and here is another one. They live outside, but they don't seems to be bothered by the cold weather.


School's out

When I took this photo I wondered why the walls were covered in scorch marks. Yesterday I found out. Some of the boys were tending the fire, the others were enjoying a game of football.


Turkish rolls?

My family is visiting at the moment and they loved these cakes! They photographed them so much that they baker cut one up and gave them all a piece to try. They taste good too!


Gloomy coastline

We are having a lot of grey and rainy weather at the moment. I think this is why Bursa is so green. Here is a small break in the clouds along the coast from Mudanya.


Secluded spot

This cafe feels a bit like a private garden. In fact I couldn't see where the actual cafe is, just the tables.


Turkish recycling

This is recycling, Turkish style! There is hardly any official recycling here, but people like this man do a good job or sorting and recycling the rubbish. He was taking plastic, tins etc from the waste bin and putting it in that big white carton. Who knows where it will go next?


Where next?

These containers are waiting in the Bursa free trade zone which is next to the port at Gemlik, just outside Bursa. The free trade zone produces goods for export - mainly to Europe but also the rest of the world.



I found these trimmings by the side of the road. I suppose they were waiting to be cleared away but I thought they looked quite pretty there.



"this photo is taken in mudanya 30 km from bursa ..a nice little town...it was nicer before when we used to swim in the sea.the water is not clean any more unfortunatelly ...it seems clean but they found louds of collibasili(microbs) that can be dangerous..anyway the people are still swimming in the hot summer days ...you can see it feels like deserted but it is not...louds of appartments had been built up in the hills ...but still you have the sea to look at and feel like deserted:))"


Serving mantı since 1975

This restaurant claims to be Bursa's first mantı maker, although it has only been open since 1975. Mantı are small parcels of pasta filled with meat, a bit like Italian ravioli. Like a lot of dishes here they are eaten with yogurt.


Big and small

This is also at Mudanya. There is a small harbour where cargo boats sometimes dock. They are usually carrying sand. Maybe the small boat was helping to bring yesterday's fish..


More fish

I've posted a photo of the fish market at Mudanya before but yesterday we got there early and there was a lot more fish than usual.

If you look carefully maybe you can also see the different fish which are found at this time of year. The most common fish here are sea bass and sea bream, which are available all year round. Yesterday there was also red mullet, mackerel and bonito.


Take a break

The pigeons were enjoying a bit of sun on top of the restaurant.


Wintery Scene

This was a few weeks ago now, when there was a lot of snow around. Now the snow has retreated to Uludag, although we will probably have more before the end of winter. The photo was taken looking across from Guzelyalı, where the ferry to Istanbul leaves.


Who left these simits here?

I couldn't see who was selling them, I'm sure he would come back quickly as soon as a customer came though.


Korupark Houses

I'm not sure what happened here - everything came out at a funny angle. These are some of Bursa's newest houses, right next to the Korupark shopping centre.


What does it all mean?

"it means :no to high speed, yes to live our life:....i don't know why they wrote it here on this ,    i think they should have wrote this onto a road sign...maybe they think that it is less expensive to write here ...i mean i can find a reason...if you have any ideas write us a comment...hihihi "


Bursa chamber of commerce

BTSO is the Bursa chamber of commerce and industry. The main industries here are textile and automotive. Many foreign companies have factories in Bursa, and BTSO has a section devoted to improving ties with Europe and the USA.


The wind never blows when you want it to

Unfortunately the wind would not blow so that I could get the flag properly. It makes an interesting combination.


Yes Man

No that's not a man hanging off the side of the shopping mall, it is an advert for Jim Carey's latest film Yes Man. The cinema is up there on the top floor.


Feeding time

These geese were in a small farm on the edge of Bursa. They were waiting to be fed so it was difficult to photograph them as they kept charging around in different directions, always moving as a group though.


Baldo Rice

Here in Turkey rice is an important part of cooking. There are several types of rice available but foreign strains like basmati are difficult to find.


Kat 3

A local band called Retro performing at Kat 3 bar. The name means 'third floor'


Before the restoration

A piece of old wall next to the newly restored Balibey Han. This is more or less what Balibey Han looked like before the work so you can see what a good job they did.


Vantage Point

This house must have a good view. It is in the oldest part of Bursa but it has been nicely renovated. The front overlooks the covered market and Ulu Cami.


Lost in fog

We are getting some wintery weather at the moment. You can just see the roofs of the covered market here through the haze. The domes are quite typical of Ottoman architecture (there are some very similar looking buildings in the centre of Sarajevo). On the right is a corner of the Ulu Camii.


Great guns

These cannons are also in the Tophane park next to the clock tower. From Tophane you can hear a cannon shot every evening during Ramadan, to mark the end of the fast. I don't know if they use one of these though.


Souvenirs of warmer weather

Another outdoor cafe is shut for winter. I wonder how long these empty bottles will wait to be sent back and refilled.


Apolyont Han

The Apolyont Han is right next to the Zafer Plaza and has just been renovated. A lot of small shops and restaurants have opened inside.


Tophane Clock Tower

Tophane is situated on a small hill overlooking Bursa, and it is where this view over Bursa was taken from. The Tophane clock tower is in the Tophane park, and dates from 1906.


Ipek Han

This is the section of the covered market which was dedicated to silk in the past (ipek means silk). Here they were selling the finished goods, as opposed to the Koza Han which is where the silk cocoons were traded. Today the Koza Han is more known as the silk market.


Snow on the hills

Another view from Yeşil, where you can see the snow has reached the hills just above Bursa. Up on Uludağ there is plenty of snow and the skiing season has already started apparently.


Giant Billboard

This is the Zafer Plaza, the first Western style shopping centre to appear in Bursa. The glass pyramid makes quite a contrast with the old buildings which surround it. Especially at the moment while it seems to be used for an advertising campaign.


Closed for now

There aren't many takers for sitting outside at the moment. But that gives an opportunity to admire the beautiful tables.


Inside Yesil Mosque

The Yeşil Cami (Green Mosque) is very atmospheric inside. This is a detail of the ceiling and below there are some beautiful green / blue tiles. The hanging chandeliers give a lovely light.


Rice and chick peas

These stalls selling rice and chick pea snacks can be found in various places around Bursa. I think it might be a winter speciality because I don't remember seeing them at other times.