Building Site

Scenes like this are very common at the moment. In fact there are so many flat complexes in construction, sometimes we wonder who will live in them!

But in fact Bursa is growing very fast, and as the economy stabilises more people can afford to buy their own home.

There is a trend to move out of the old houses in the town centre into modern flat blocks in the suburbs, like these will become.


Lazy Cat

This cat found an interesting place to lie! It is a flower box, and all the others are filled with flowers. I wonder if he found an empty one or just sat on the flowers? He looks quite outraged about having his photo taken.


Chilli Peppers

These chilli peppers are growing on my balcony. They have grown so fast! Two weeks ago they were just starting to appear. We have had so much sun recently that everything is growing super fast.

Next to them is a type of basil which grows here. It is not used for eating, but for keeping mosquitos away.



"these are called nazarlik....it protects you from the devil eye..every turkish family has got one in their home...also they use it as a jewelery..you can see them everywhere...as i read one it is coming from an ancient civilisation called hitit..i saw them in Greece and middle orient countries like Jordan ,Syria ect..they believe if there is a devil eye on you like somebody is jealous about you these stones will break and devil eye will go away...believe it or not:))"


Fortune telling with rabbits

"these rabbits are going to read your fortune!!!they just take one of those little notes...inside them it writes your destiny..believe or not:)))"


Mudanya fish market

Super fresh fish on the market at Mudanya, which is by the sea. The most popular fish are sea bass and sea bream.


Ottoman house

This photo was taken inside a 200 year old Ottoman house in Yesil. It is made almost entirely of wood, and the walls have beautiful wooden panelling as you can see in the picture.

The wooden construction makes the house safer in earthquakes, apparently, because it is flexible.


Summer Storm

At the moment the weather is very hot (35 degrees today) and sunny, but occasionally there is a storm. This one last week was very strong.

Sorry for the absence yesterday. We are having a lot of problems logging into blogger at the moment. Is anyone else having problems?


View from Misi

"it is a nice tiny town on the way to uludag called misi village...where you can still find some fresh fruits&vegetables... "


Gone Fishing

"i've never liked fishing..it seems they do ...."



"here it is too hot nowadays....and it is nice to drink some fresh turkish gasos ..."


More Turkish Carpets

"another photo of carpets...the ones on the left hand side were kilims ..they are thinner than the one on right side called sumak...i bought the one in the middle...what do you say?"


Funny Adverts

"ezgi beer house is near the sea side ....they are serving the best turkish beer brand and the oldest one called Efes...."


Yumurta Sucuk

"eggs with turkish bacon called -sucuk- ups we forgot to add some blackpepper...it is one of the turkish favorite dish for the breakfast..especially on sundays..."



"this photo is for yesterday ...had some problems with internet...so now here are some fisherman with their little boat from mudanya.."


Shady courtyard

Vine leaves are perfect for making shade when the weather is hot.


Milli Piyango

Milli Piyango is Turkish national lottery... we played some of these called in turkish-kazi kazan- means grab and win...but we didn't win anything..there are six numbers 3 of them should be the same...i always got 2 unfortunately ..if we win something one day we will make so many blogs jajaja


Still Life

I think these traditional pots look very elegant against the white wall.


Fal - Turkish coffee fortune telling

in Turkey we like to drink Turkish coffee..it is not espresso so it takes time to drink..the purpose is to chat with your friends as well..so the long you make it last the better..afterwards we look inside the cup ..we read our future ..as you can see in the photo my future is dark....if you use your imagination you can see more and if you can see more please do not hesitate to write..we are waiting for your comments this time:)

by the way; some people asked me about being married to an italian in Turkey, you can read my story from my friend's website PocketCultures ..they are looking for more stories so if you know someone who is in a multicultural relationship, please ask them to write...thanks..grazie ..gracias..tesekkurler...


Yesil mosque stone carving

An example of the beautiful and intricate carving of the Yesil Mosque. Much of the mosque is decorated like this, however parts are not finished due to a war whilst the mosque was still being built.



Barber's shop

Towels drying outside a barber shop.

Turkish for hairdresser or barber is kwaför... try saying it out loud... if you know French it should sound familiar!


Montanya Hotel

This hotel in Mudanya used to be the railway station. Now there is no railway any more, and the building has been turned into a hotel and restaurant. It has a very nice position next to the sea.


Yesil Mosque window

A window of the Yesil Cami (Green Mosque). The mosque was built at the beginning of the 15th century and was where the Sultan went to pray. It has survived several earthquakes.

Inside is very beautiful, with many coloured tiles like the ones you can see here. Originally these tiles were green, giving the mosque its name, but with time the colour has faded to a kind of turqoise blue.


Water Fountain

The water fountain gets a lot of use now that the weather is getting hotter.



This man is making pide, a kind of Turkish pizza in the shape of a boat. Inside it usually has either meat or cheese (or both...) In the front of the picture you can see the balls of dough ready to be shaped into the pide.



I love the colours on these carpets.


Cherry Tree

The cherry season is just beginning, here they are still on the tree but they are starting to appear on the market stalls as well.... yum yum!


Bursa Roofs

Here is the view from the teahouse, over the Bursa plain. Until recently this plain was filled with peach trees, now as you can see it has become quickly developed.