Aladdin's Cave

Yesil is full of these shops, selling all kinds of antiques. Inside they are like Aladdin's caves, with many different and interesting things all crammed into every available space .



Empty pallets at the back of the Kipa supermarket. Kipa is partly owned by the UK supermarket chain Tesco and they use similar packaging on some items, although they have totally different names.


Bosnian foufntain

This fountain has just been completed in the town centre. I passed only a few weeks ago and they were still building the foundations. It says on the sign that it is a Bosnian fountain.


An army of cats

I was walking along the street and I came across these little cats arranged on the wall. I think they look like a little army lined up like this.



Many apologies for our poor record over the last few weeks. We have been travelling around and it wasn't always easy to get on the computer. Anyway, from now on things will be back to normal, inshallah.

This photo is of the large fountain in front of Ulu Cami, the same one where the boys were having fun in an earlier photo.



A snack and a chat in front of the sea.



This empty tea glass looks almost forgotten sitting here on its own in a corner of the Koza Han. I'm sure someone will come to collect it though.



"some plastic camions....every turkish little boy has one at home still..:)"


a different kind of toothbrush

"these are toothbrush coming from arabia...you don't need a toothpaste or water...the bedouins are using them ...it is a kind of soft wood...i can not explain it well you should see them...i triend ones ..it works but hurts as well..."


Pet shop

"selling birds,rabbits,hamsters....it seems a little bit mess there!!!"


Demlik Cafe

"a picture from a tea house in the center..tea is a very important drink for turkish...you can drink it anytime anywhere..."


BDP is on holiday...

We will resume posting soon! Hope you are having a good summer.

Queen Elizabeth's scarf

This is the same scarf bought by Queen Elizabeth during her visit to Bursa when she visited the Koza Han (silk market)

It is from Aybil Ipek shop. For anyone who wants to track them down, you can find the shops on the upper floor, number 245 and 247-231.


Metalwork shop

We always mean to join in the monthly theme photo day, and this time we even prepared the photo! Unfortunately we didn't sign up in time, but here it is anyway.

This metal stall is on Altiparmak street near to the centre of town. As you can see they are selling many traditional and beautiful things...