Bosnian foufntain

This fountain has just been completed in the town centre. I passed only a few weeks ago and they were still building the foundations. It says on the sign that it is a Bosnian fountain.


Hilda said...

It's pretty, but where's the water? Is that wood? I suppose the water will only be at the top part.

Dr.Human said...

Hi ,
I visit Turkey last summer and I liked it so much , but I didn't have the time to visit Bursa ,,
I heard about it ,that is is a very cool place and quite ..
I hope to see it next visit inshallah

Bursa Daily Photo said...

Hello Hilda, oops I think that is my fault for a bad translation. Rather than fountain it is a place for getting water, maybe you can see on the lower white part there is a kind of tap. There is a man in front using it.

Hello Dr Human, I hope you will have time to visit Bursa next time! It is a very nice city.