I had never seen a popcorn machine like this before, although I'm sure they are common in other places. The metal pan is making the popcorn and when it is ready the lids at the top open and the popcorn jumps out.


USelaine said...

It reminds me of the year I spent working at a movie theater in college, where we had a machine like this. It was too much of a good thing for me, so I rarely eat it anymore.

babooshka said...

We have these in our cinemas. A visit to the cinema is comlpete with popcorn.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

I don't like to eat popcorn that much, but a cinema certainly wouldn't seem complete without the smell of it at least!

Elaine, that reminds me of my grandmother, who worked in a chocolate factory when she was young. She said after a while she never wanted to eat chocolate again!