Sui restaurant

"i entered one day this ottoman-greek style house..inside it is very fancy, luxury  resto..they are specialized in chinese, japanese and turkish food..wowwww...i wish i could do it at home as well chinese, japanese, mexican etc etc... "

Update: a lot of people have come here after searching for Sui restaurant. It seems they do not have their own website yet (at least I cannot find it). But if anyone needs to contact them the phone number of the restaurant is 0224 234 6200


Curly said...

Great picture today, unusual Chinese restaurant!

Today I'm saying a huge big thank you for the support shown by CDP bloggers.

Anonymous said...

it's very kind of you to leave a telephone number for the people who are searching Sui Restaurant..That's exactly how I found your blog. You're right, they are almost unreachable. Tomorrow I will be there for the first time and let them know. By the way, you did a great job here! congratulations. I'm passing from one page to another.. Come to my blog as well.. http://bursadahayat.blogcu.com

eren said...

Their website is http://www.suicukurkosk.com and currently they're working on the English translation. For now you can check out the google translated version here