Water Delivery

This is a really good idea which I have never seen in another place. Maybe some of you have seen it in your countries?

Instead of buying water in small bottles from the shop or supermarket, these companies (the one in the picture is called Erikli) deliver 19 litre bottles. You dispense the water by attaching a small pump to the bottle. When it is finished the van comes with a new bottle, and takes the empty one away to be refilled - it is convenient and environmentally friendly as well!


Hyde DP said...

send them over here - when I could drive we used to go and collect water from the natural well in Buxton, Derbyshire.

Actually there probably is someone doing a service like this to businesses as there some that have bottled water on tap for their employees and clients.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

we used to get water from Buxton as well! my parents live in Derbyshire (I am the english one...)

USelaine said...

These large bottles are used widely over here as well. They are turned upside-down, with the cap off, to flow into a pottery or metal reservoir which then has a spigot for dispensing the water. They are such a fixture in American offices that they are seen as gathering places for the exchange of gossip - "he was the topic of water-cooler conversation".