Dikkaldirim market

Every neighbourhood has its own fresh fruit and vegetable market. This one in Dikkaldirim is held on Sundays and Thursdays. Going to the market is an amazing experience at the moment, every stall is overflowing with produce.


jill said...

I have watched travel shows of Turkey and admit it is very foreign to me. But street markets I understand. I would love to try some of your local fresh fruit and vegetables. Thanks for posting this. This is my first time here so 'Hi' from Oregon.

USelaine said...

Ah, garlic and lemons are always good to have for cooking. I'm out the door to get some watermelon right now!

Batang Kyusi said...

woohoo...i love markets! i always make it a point to visit markets on all of my trips. it just sums up the whole travel experience.