Quiet Street

A quiet street in the old district of Yesil.


Julie said...

You constantly surprise me with your images of Turkey. This reminds me very much of Italy and the Amalfi.

Cate said...

Lovely little street; makes you want to take a walk!

Dina said...

Shalom to you from Jerusalem.
Just yesterday I noticed a little sign pointing to a little old synagogue. It said, in Hebrew, "To the congregation of the immigrants from Bursa." I thought, "Where in the world is Bursa?" Today a comment you left somewhere led me to your blog!
So nice, your pictures. I'll be back to learn more about Bursa.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

Julie - In fact Turkey is a country of many contrasts, and many times visitors here say it is not like the image they had before coming!

Cate - there are many little streets like this, waiting to be explored!

Dina - so the online world is small, as well as the offline one! I'm very glad that we can introduce you to Bursa.