Queen Elizabeth II visits Bursa

Yesterday was a day of great excitement in Bursa because Queen Elizabeth came to visit. Of course today the visit is in all the newspapers... The headline means 'the eyes of the world were on this trip'.

She visited Koza Han, where she bought a silk scarf and ate a specially prepared lunch of Turkish food. Later she visited the Yesil Mosque (green mosque). In the picture she is listening to prayers in the mosque. The people of Bursa appreciated the visit very much.

On the BBC website you can see a short film of the Queen's visit to Bursa.


Olivier said...

la ville a du être en fête pour cette visite. merci pour le lien vers la vidéo.

the city has to be a feast for the visit. thank you for the link to the video.

Mo said...

Yes her visit does seem to have been a success. Did you get to see her?

Bursa Daily Photo said...

Indeed everyone was talking about it!

Unfortunately we could not see her - they closed the road and there was a lot of security.

16 said...

I can't believe that Bursa Hakimiyet wrote "Kuranıkerim",it's "Kuran-ı Kerim" :-) And I was both in front of Koza Han,caught a glimpse of her and in Yeşil Cami's garden,where I could see her up close and I was so lucky,she was seen through the window which I have been standing in front.It was exciting actually and I guess that Bursa part was the problem-free part.Bursa has done it's homework very well :-)