It's warm inside

Some cold weather has arrived these days. Many houses use wood for heating, especially in the old part of town.


Anonymous said...

Does the wood being used for heating come from local trees being cut down? Or, maybe they use scrap wood or something like that. It does make a colorful scene.

babooshka said...

We still have wood burning here in some areas and a lot os smoke.

bitingmidge said...

We only use wood to fuel our barbecues, but none of our houses really need heating, so it's not really relevant.

Have a great 2009!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

USelaine said...

There's something so cozy about a wood fire, even though I know they pollute more than other heat.

Stay safe and warm in 2009!

junemott said...

Love your photos. I'm coming out to Bursa soon and am looking forward to visiting Ikea. Have you been there yet? I love the market areas, especially the vegetable and fish market areas.