Rice and chick peas

These stalls selling rice and chick pea snacks can be found in various places around Bursa. I think it might be a winter speciality because I don't remember seeing them at other times.


junemott said...

I haven't seen these booths either but whenever I come to Bursa I always buy wht I call 'brains' the sugar coated chick peas. I tried to get them when I was in London but they don't seem to have them in the Turkish shops, only the plain ones.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

I know the ones you mean! Do you come a lot to Bursa?

junemott said...

I come about twice a year and will be there in a week or so. I'm looking forward to my visit but am hoping the weather will be warmer than it is in England just now. We're not used to the Arctic cold we are suffering from at present.