Fortune telling with rabbits

"these rabbits are going to read your fortune!!!they just take one of those little notes...inside them it writes your destiny..believe or not:)))"


Mary Helen said...

I'm mary from Forks, Wa...we just had my brother's DNA done and it came back that we came from your area. We have been in America for over 200 years. I really enjoyed looking at your photos.

yoshi said...

These rabbits are so cute! I saw this kind of fortune teller during my trip in Istanbul! I had never seen such a thing! It's very fun!

Julie said...

*grin* ... yeah, right!!

This is a bit like trying to fit all the different people in the world into the Zodiac ...

Interesting post.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

Mary Helen - wow, I bet that was a surprise! I hope you will be able to visit one day and see the area in person

Yoshi - hello, nice to see you again. They are really cute, I wanted to take one home :-) I think they must get very hot sitting in the sun all day though

Julie - you are right... Turks have many kinds of superstition. We will try to show more in the future at some point