Lazy Cat

This cat found an interesting place to lie! It is a flower box, and all the others are filled with flowers. I wonder if he found an empty one or just sat on the flowers? He looks quite outraged about having his photo taken.


Kim said...

Great capture of charming cat behavior! I remember when my dad would buy new shoes he would leave the box out for the cat to enjoy. They do love cozy enclosed spots. It's fun to see cats in other countries, as their is often a distinctly different look about them. This one is quite handsome!
Seattle Daily Photo

Julie said...

He does look as though he is ready to scarper at any moment. Cats are always so appealing.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

I like the way he crammed himself in as well! His back leg didn't fit, so he just left it sticking out at the back.

Kim - it's true the cats here have quite different faces to the ones in the UK