Ayran is a special Turkish drink made from yogurt and water. It is a bit salty and very good, especially in hot weather. Here they drink with everything at dinner&lunch...

These ones are made by a local company called Sütas.

This photo was taken in the Kipa supermarket which is open 24 hours a day - a first for Bursa. The sign says that the ayran was produced in Bursa.


Kris McCracken said...

Cool. Thanks for sharing this.

Whenever I go anywhere new to me, I spend an inordinate amount of time in supermarkets having a good look at the different foods and drinks that people enjoy!

Seda said...

Ayran is not well-known to foreigners but I cannot imagine to live without it. Nice thing to share about our culture!
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alice said...

In Brittany, you can find a very old drink, in fact it's what you have after you made butter with milk (sorry, my explanation is confused...). Old people drink it with potatoes or pancakes. Do you think it could be the same thing?