Welcome to the "Reyhan Cakestall"....That's what it writes on the photo..This cakestall is very famous for its  "tahinli cake"....This cake is round  dough cake topped with sesame paste.We eat this cake usually in the afternoon with "cay"  tea in turkish.


yoshi said...

Hum! these cakes seem to be so good! I would love to eat one (or two...)!

Ineke said...

Looking good!

AraratDailyPhoto said...

How do you have your tea?

Bursa Daily Photo said...

hi;i wish that i could send you all one cake..
we drink tea like every moment ..we do not have a proper time to drink ..you go to a shop and here they offer you immidiately tea...for breakfast it is a must and after lunch ,dinner ,before going to bed...like now iam at work drinking for example ..we will take our teapots so you will see where we are boiling them..
come and join us...:)