"henna is an old tradition in Turkey as well as in the middle east countries&india...as you can notice in the photo we are buying from iran&india ..we are using the henna before the marriage ceremonies,the bride and her family prepare a big party just for the women(you can do it at home) where the bride wears a traditional red dress,she covers her head with a red echarpe her friends bring the bride in a chair holding so many candles and they make inside her hand henna ..while the young ones are making the henna the elder women are singing an old song...it is a very emotional song like i say always to myself " no i won't cry " but i cry at all the henna parties 

afterwards ;all night they dance,sing etc..after the midnight the groom comes with his friends to join the dance party..

also we are using the henna for the health of our hairs ... henna gives to hair life just like it gives the bride another new life ...power of the plants!!...."


Destitute Rebel said...

Nice picture, we here in Pakistan use a lot of henna.

Anonymous said...

Très belle photo qui rend bien compte des matières. En Algérie le Henné dont les femmes s'enduisent a une couleur rouge-orangée, or ici c'est une épaisse poudre verte que vous nous faites découvrir.. Le henné turc est-il vert ? ou bien sa couleur change-t-elle quand il est appliqué sur la paume des mains ?

Quel symbole séhicule le henné dans les cultures orientales ?


Bursa Daily Photo said...

DR - I was in a class with a lady from Pakistan once, and she showed pictures of henna decorations she had done. They were beautiful, intricate designs.

Dejotaros - Merci beaucoup de votre visite. En fait avant d'appliquer le Henné on le melange avec de l'eau. A ce moment-la il devient un peu comme la boue, et puis en l'applicant sur les mains il prend la couleur rouge-orange, comme celle que vous décrivez.

Patrizia said...

I love henne!

I used to do henne on my hair, it gave it a wonderful reddish light!


Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup pour vos infos