Tea Garden

A tearoom in Yesil, next to the famous Yesil Cami (green mosque) which Queen Elizabeth entered on her visit to Bursa. From the tearoom there is a fantastic view of the Bursa plain (to follow tomorrow). The metal thing you can see on the right side of the picture is an old tea urn.

What struck me about this tearoom is it was the first place for a few weeks I have seen people smoking. There is now a smoking ban in many public places and you can really notice a difference. It will not be implemented in bars and restaurants until next year, but already many places have become smoke free.


Julie said...

Lovely old chairs. I have an urn like that at work.

USelaine said...

I think I remember that view of Bursa, but I don't remember this tea room. That would be a great location.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

Julie - yes it is a bit like going back into the past. Is your urn Turkish style? How interesting

Elaine - I wonder if the view has changed since you last saw it... Indeed it is a breathtaking location