A lot of renovation work is going on in the town centre at the moment. This is one of the houses that have been restored.

Blogger and all blogspot blogs have been blocked in Turkey from this afternoon, so please bear with me if posting is a bit erratic until it comes back - it's not very easy to get into the site at the moment.


USelaine said...

Sara, please check your gmail account. Blessings to you.

Sally said...

If you need any assistance, drop me a line.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

Thanks so much! It's very kind of you and so nice to know there is help available.

I'm using a proxy at the moment but i can't work out how to upload new photos so once I've exhausted the ones I had already drafted I will have to think of a new method!

USelaine said...

You may want to ask monoblog how he used the help of another blogger for the pictures. I'm ready to do that, or to simply create a new one for you. Let me know.