Korupark is one of two large shopping malls to open in Bursa over the last year, and has become a favourite weekend activity for a lot of people. Inside are international chains as well as Turkish shops. It's not bad as shopping centres go, but the town centre is more atmospheric.


Anonymous said...

If it and others like it become too popular then the town center will soon disappear as tourists and customers will disappear.

At least that is what has happened here.

USelaine said...

Yes, I hope the old covered market is not abandoned for the "new". It has so much history.

Bursa Daily Photo said...

Well, for the moment I think the centre is not in danger - Bursa has grown so quickly, and the centre is quite small that at the weekends it can be difficult just to walk down the street because of the crowds!

It's true that there seems a tendency in Turkey at the moment to abandon old in favour of new though.