Ikea comes to Bursa

This post is for anyone who thought Bursa was not on the international map... that's right Bursa IKEA will be opening soon! Bursa has been flooded with advertisements like this one for the grand opening on 13th November. The caption says 'Uludağ (mountain) is in Bursa, and a mountain-like bookcase is in one box'

We are also very pleased to add Elaine of Willits Daily Photo as a new author on BDP. Elaine has kindly offered to help us with potential logistical difficulties over the next weeks (or months, if it goes anything like the Wordpress ban)


USelaine said...

I hope very much that there will be no need for any Turkish bloggers to require a conduit, but I will be more than happy to do such a small thing. I love seeing Bursa again, through your blog, after more than 30 years away.

Sally said...

I hope lots of Orhan Pamuk books find their way onto those shelves! Some of my favourites are by him. . Sydney Daily Photo

afyonblog said...

Bu Uselaine 30 yaşında mı gelmiş Bursa'ya tam anlayamadım.
Neyse, kitaplık biraz pahalı:)
Geciktik biraz yorum yazmada galiba, İngilizce yeterli olmayınca.
İyi çalışmalar.